fifty.foot.whip is clean, straight-forward design.

what's that old adage about a little going a long way? truer words were never spoken.

are you looking for simple, effective design for your small business, but want to keep both your arms and legs?

well, i’m your gal.

perhaps you are looking for other design services?

~ updating your existing site
~ illustrations
~ logos
~ business cards
~ general graphic work

try me!
floravista, inc.
ecological services
. website
. business cards

music publishing company
. website
   (original artwork)
. business cards
. cd label and sleeve

a1a film co
film production company
. website
. business cards
. marketing materials

. website
. t-shirts/posters
. cd artwork

mike l. germaine
key grip
. website

angel barroeta
director of photography
. website